Contribution from UHREG

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In 26th February 2024 UHREG’s Doctoral Candidate Giulia Preverin participated in a career information day at one of Regensburg’s high schools, the Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium. The aim of the event was to talk to 9th grade students about possible career choices. Speakers from various backgrounds and with a wide range of careers were invited.

Each speaker was located in one room while the students moved from one speaker to another in groups of 5-6 persons. Each meeting lasted one hour. 

The Doctoral Candidate presented her previous education (which subjects she had studied at high school, her bachelor and master courses) as well as her current career path as an early stage researcher and her research project related to IMMUTOL in a very simple way geared to lay persons. 

In addition she discussed with the students how to find their own career paths, which questions to ask themselves, how to find out what they are passionate about, etc. 

This way Giulia Preverin was able to make a very valuable contribution to the education of potential future scientists.